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ENG 110-048: Home

Available Sources, Basic Research, and Finding it All With Minimal Pain & Effort
Being a short (but very sweet) session in which the Devetees (i.e. acolytes of Devet) will learn what sources are available in the library and how to find them so that they may start their research and look for reputable sources inasmuch as they are required to have 8 sources but use only 5 in their papers.

Session Facilitators and Distinquished Players

Dr. Bonnie Devet
Professor of English / Director of the
Writing Lab
Department of English


Jared A. Seay
Research & Instruction Librarian, Media Services Coordinator
Research & Instruction Dept.
Addlestone Library

An Interpretation of Handwritten Student Topics

Tentative Topic

Tentative Proposition (Thesis)

Driverless cars or birth control/control/contraceptive

Driverless cars should be the only cars on the road (teens should need  BC permission)

Driverless cars

Driverless cars should not be the only cars on the road(they can malfunction at any time)

Charleston Sea Wall

Charleston sea wall should be added to counteract rising sea levels

Driverless Cars

Both manually operated and driverless cars should be allowed on the road

Parents Access to their child’s social media

Parents should have some type of control, but not until age 18

Driverless cars

Driverless cars should not be the only cars on the road because of safety

Business right to refuse a customer on religious beliefs

Religion is like a pair of shoes where the one fits you

Is helping a terminally ill person die murder or mercy?

___ is neither _____ nor premeditated.  Therefore it could not be defined as murder

Affordable housing for CofC students

The College of Charleston should help students find affordable house for people living off campus

Should teens need parent’s permission for birth control/contraceptives

Teens should not need their parent’s permission for birth control/contraceptives

Mental Health should be taught

Mental health is often overlooked.  Students in grade 8-12 should be required to be educated on such topics

Birth Control

Teens should not need parent permission to get on birth control

Frats / Sororities

Frats should not be eliminated from CoC campus

Should GMOs be used on crops

They should be used on crops


Research Librarian, Media Services Coordinator

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Jared Seay
Addlestone Room 101