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World War I and WW II Sources: Home

World War I & II: Manuscript Sources (selected) Index

The documents below are partial indexes of manuscript collections in Special Collections and the SC Historical Society's holdings relating to World War I and World War II. These resources are available in the Special Collections reading room on the third floor of the Addlestone Library.

World War I and II: Database Spotlight

Databases Relating to the Holocaust and Nazi-era Germany

World War I & II: Published Sources Index

Below are several documents that outline resources relating to World War I and World War II era people and events. The various articles listed in CofC Newsletter, Magazine and the Meteor provide information about college events, related outside activities and persons during or related to WWI & WWII.  Persons, especially those listed as Killed in Action (KIA) or Missing In Action (MIA), include both alumni, relatives of alumni and students who left the college for war service.  The "South Carolina Historical Magazine" contains more than just relevant articles, book reviews, etc. Researchers are encouraged to explore the acquired manuscripts in each issue pertaining to notable S.C. individuals, families, businesses, institutions, etc. There are items in which such an individual, family, business or institutions had links to either war as individuals in the armed services or engaged in related manufacturing, political or important home front civic functions such as supervision over gasoline rationing.   Also, Book Reviews will feature histories of S.C. cities or counties that span the years of both wars.  Researchers are encouraged to consider such volumes because these cities/counties were almost assuredly affected by war; specifically by military bases, civilian troop support activities, gas rationing, etc.  

World War I: Sources on the Web