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FYS 129: The Beautiful & the Good: Art, Ethics, & Culture in Japan: Activity

Being an Immersiion into Applying Library Tools to Your Research

Library Activity

Your Professor:  Dr. Laura S.Sullivan

Your Librarian: Jared A. Seay

Your Library Activity: HERE

Your Status: Mostly Stable


Part 1: Your Google Docs Worksheet

Part 2: Follow along as the nice librarian explains:

  • Searching in Discovery Service
  • Searching in a database
  • The joy of end bibliographies and works cited
  • Finding films in Streaming Databases
  • What the heck is ILL?

Part 3: Locate sources as indicated in your Google doc for this activity

  • Follow the instructions on your Google Doc to locate a book, an article and a film and record the requested information for each item.

Part 4 Library Info. & Feedback







Best Music 2010

Calm Space

Smooth Instrumental






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Jared Seay
Addlestone Room 101