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Buttons: How to Make Buttons

How to Guide for using the CofC Libraries Button Maker!

How To Make Buttons

Step-by-Step Button Making Guide (Text Version)

Step-by-Step Button Making Guide (text version)

  • Select an image or create your own. There are button making templates and image links on the "Resources for Making Buttons" tab. Try to use a Creative Commons, royalty free or open source image to avoid Copyright issues if you did not create your image.
  • Regular printer paper or magazine/books images are acceptable for the button maker - cardstock is too heavy and may cause the button maker to jam.
  • Place the paper on the silver Cutting Plate.
  • Place the Circular Cutter on top of your image and center it. Press down on the handle and rotate once or twice to cut out the image - you can spin it in either direction.
  • Place the Button Shell with the flat side facing up into the Pickup Die (the one with the springs on the bottom).
  • Place your image on top of the shell. Then cover with a piece of Mylar.
  • Rotate the Pickup Die under the press. Bring the handle all the way forward to press the pieces together.
  • Pull the handle back into place and then place the Pin Back into the Crimp Die in the front. Make sure the side where it pins is facing down in the crimp die.
  • Rotate the plate so that the Crimp Die is now under the press. Bring the handle forward to press the pin back into the other button parts.
  • Rotate the plate and remove your new button!

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Royalty Free image Sites

Please try to avoid using images under Copyright when creating buttons. Below are a few sources for finding images for your button designs.  Additional searches will provide more!

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A workspace for media creation, digital scholarship, and DIY activities that support curricular activities located in the Addlestone Library.

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