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LIBR-105-05 - Resources for Research: Spring Express II 2020: Objectives

LIBR-105-05 - Resources for Research - 21742.202020 - ONLINE

SPRING - Express II 2020 - Instructor: Jared A. Seay

This course concerns the understanding of information and media and how this knowledge can be applied to both your academic research as well as your day to day interaction with the torrent of media and information that floods our senses non-stop in the early 21st century. Particularly we will be concerned with how we receive information and how this affects how we perceive it.  In the end the biggest skill you can gain from this course is the ability to identify credible sources of information for your research and navigate the inherent bias in media and culture and even in yourself.


Course Objectives

Overall Goal: The goal of this course is to help you become a better researcher by teaching you how to use academic library resources more effectively and by teaching you how to evaluate sources needed for research.


Student Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course you will be able to:


  1. Develop compelling research questions
  2. Identify contextually appropriate tools and resources to answer research questions
  3. Employ effective and efficient search strategies to find a range of appropriate information sources
  4. Critically evaluate information according to discipline specific parameters of authority
  5. Use information ethically, avoiding plagiarism and respecting the intellectual property of others
  6. Contribute to ongoing scholarly conversation by producing new information content and building on previous scholarly efforts

Communication with Professor & the Class

My Contact Info

Instructor:Jared Seay

Office phone: 843-953-1428

E-mail: -- use this e-mail (put “LIBR 105” in subject line)

Office Location: Addlestone Library, Room 103

Office hours: by appointment, but I’m typically in my office  M-F, 10 am - 3pm (Unless you have an appointment, there is no guarantee I will be available or in the office if you are planning to drop by.)

If you have questions about assignments or the course content, I request that you post them to the ASK ANY Questions discussion board which is located in every module. If you know the answer to someone else's question, or if you figure out the answer to your own question, please post it! I will check the discussion board on a regular basis to help with problems and answer questions, too.
I expect you to read previous postings before making your own. No reposts!