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German Literature In Translation: LTGR 250: Web Resources

Searching the Web

Why should I use Web sites?

  • Web sites are a great source of information about organizations and institutions and government generated statistics and reports.
  • They are also useful for comparing popular perceptions to scientific research findings. The free Web contains a vast collection of resources - some worthwhile

How do I find good Web sites?

Start by reviewing the Web Searching Guide for expert advice on the best search engines--both general and specialized.

Of particular note are the "academic web resources" which includes a link to Google Scholar and other search engines that focus on, credible, scholarly information available on the Web.

note: no single search engine comes close to indexing all of the Web. Be sure to search two or three different search engines if you want to be thorough.

For every major, most minors, and other special topics, librarians have put together a subject guide with links to quality sites (near the bottom of the guide).

For quick and mainly free Web-based reference information such as encyclopedias, check out the on-line reference page.

Web Resources

German Studies (in German)
LeMO: Lebendiges virtuelles Museum Online
Spiegel Online        

German Studies (in English)


German Historical Institute       
The German Way         

For German Studies:  Film

Online Film Dictionary:  in English    
                                   in German   

German Filminstitut         in English     
                                     in German   

DEFA Film Library          

Guide to German Cinema (in German only)   

History of German Film (in German only)    

Google Scholar