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HONS ENGL 110 (Dr. Young): Find Historical Context

RSA: Historical Context

There are two ways you should be identifying the context.

  • The social context (or historical background) of a text tells us what time period and events inspired the creation of the text that you are analyzing.
  • However, going for a broader context means that you answer the Exigence, Audience, and Constraints.

Here are questions to think about to begin to identify both the Historical and Broader Context:

  • When was this text created/produced/published?
  • What was happening during the time the text was created/produced/published?
  • What is the background of the creator?
  • What search terms will help me to understand more about the period in which the text was created?
  • What definitions might I need to define so that my readers will truly understand this period?
  • How can I explain the social context/period the text came out of in a way that my readers understand this historical information?

Credo Reference


Credo is a library database containing digital versions of encyclopedias and other reference works. Think of it as an academic Wikipedia, only curated by librarians instead of the general public.

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