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HIST 350: Native Americans & the Clash of Empires: The Big Picture

HISTORICALLY: It is the mid 18th century on the Pennsylvania frontier in North America. For the last few years the whole frontier has been embroiled in a vicious war involving Pennsylvanians, native Americans, and French and British regular and irregular soldiers. A Treaty Council is being held to try to bring peace between all combatants..


GAME-ICALLY: You will be playing a character in a Live Action Role Play game (with very little action and mostly talking) in which you will engage with 18th century Pennsylvania settlers, Quaker Colonial Administrators, Royal Administrators, and Delaware and Iroquois Indians in a Treaty Council to bring peace back to the frontier in 1757 - or not.

  • Each of you will each have a character role that is either based directly on a person from the historical record (i.e. Ben Franklin, Teedyuscung, Conrad Wieser, George Crogha) or based on a person (or composite of persons) who was involved in the Treaty Negotiations of 1757.
  • The book Forest Diplomacy gives you the background history of each character as it is known to everyone. 
  • Each of you will receive a character objectives sheet, which will outline the (secret) objectives that your character must try to fulfill before the game ends.  It will also give the details of what (if any) faction/sub-faction your character belongs to and what are the (secret) objectives of your  faction/sub-faction.  
  • Fulfilling a personal objective or an objective of your faction earns you or your faction victory points. 
  • The faction that has the most victory points at the end of the game wins the game. The student who has the most points at the end of the game wins the game and all honors and glory associated therewith.


Game Schedule - dates subject to change