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Faculty Services: Proxy Card Service

Information about library services available to faculty.

Faculty Proxy Service

The proxy card service is a service intended for members of the College of Charleston faculty to facilitate faculty research by extending library privileges to authorized individuals on behalf of the faculty member.

Faculty members may authorize designated students, graduate assistants and research assistants of their choosing to check out library books, media, print microfilm copies and place items on reserve, using the faculty member’s library account(s).

Online Proxy Card Requests

Proxy cards expire at the end of each semester.  Cards will be processed within 48 hours. If the faculty member needs the card immediately, please contact Will Breard at or call 953.8001. The faculty member may contact the Access & Instruction Desk to extend or revoke cardholder’s privileges at any time. Also, the card will be mailed to the faculty member, unless specified otherwise.

Faculty Proxy Service Policy

The faculty member granting proxy permission will be held accountable for any microfilm copies produced by the proxy and charged to the faculty member’s departmental account. Lost or damaged library items will be the faculty member’s responsibility and will be charged to the faculty member’s library account.

Faculty members using the service are encouraged to periodically monitor their borrower’s account. The proxy card holder will not receive notices or correspondence regarding the faculty member’s account, nor will the proxy card holder be responsible for recalled items that become overdue.

The proxy card holder must provide a valid proxy card at the time of checkout and must be listed as a proxy on the faculty member’s library account. The faculty member may restrict full disclosure of his/her library account to the proxy.