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Metrics to help you demonstrate the scholarly impact of articles, authors, and journals

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Author Disambiguation and Metrics

One of the greatest challenges with automated collation of citations and other usage data is ensuring the right authors are associated with a given piece of scholarship and given credit for its citation. This is especially true for researchers with very common names. The best way to ensure you are credited for your work is by being proactive and signing up with a variety of author disambiguation services. Some of these are publisher/indexer affiliated, while others are independent. And some of them provide citation metrics:

  • ORCiD - A non-profit organization, the Open Research Community ID is a publisher-independent unique author identifier. It is gaining traction and being used by an ever-increasing variety of publishers to distinguish between authors. No citation metrics are available, but using an ORCiD can help other services deliver citation metrics with greater accuracy.

    See this ORCID guide.

  • ResearcherID on Publons - Affiliated with Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters) and the Web of Science database, the ResearcherID experience is being moved to the Publons platform. Creation of an account will enable you to organize your publications that are indexed in Web of Science and generate citation reports and metrics. Cross link your ResearcherID with your ORCiD.
  • Google Scholar My Citations - Accessible with your Google login, create a My Citations profile, identify your citations, and gain access to a convenient dashboard to view your citation metrics. Citation alerts may also be created.

Scholarly Networking Tools

Kudos - Promote your research with a summary profile. Increase your exposure on the web and enjoy a variety of metrics, including Altmetrics which account for interest in your research on social media.
Sign up and share your research, monitor deep analytics around the impact of your research, and track the research of the academics you follow.

Build your profile, promote your scholarship, share datasets, network, and track interest in your work through MendeleyStats

Set up a profile, promote your scholarship, network, and get data about interest in your work.