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ORCID ID: Promote Your Work

Introduction to the author disambiguation identifier ORCID ID

Now you have an ORCID profile...

Now you've populated your ORCID profile, make it work for you!


Add your ORCID ID to your poster presentations and slide decks with your contact information. Members of your audience can snap a photo and view your profile later. You could even use the QR Code generated in your account to link to your ORCID profile!


presentation slide with ORCID ID and QR Code

Email Signature

Add your ORCID ID as a hyperlink in your email signature line, providing an opportunity for email recipients to explore your ORCID profile and discover your work:


email signature with ORCID ID

Published Scholarship

Always provide your ORCID ID when submitting an article, whether required to or not. The integration of a hyperlink within a published work that points to your ORCID profile helps guide interested readers to your other relevant work.


Article header with ORCID Symbol