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LIBR 105-02 Resources for Research: Summer I 2018: Grading, Expectations

Grading Information





94 - 100



90 - 93


86 - 89


84 - 85


80 - 83


76 - 79


74 - 75


70 - 73


66 - 69


64 - 65


60 - 63


0 - 59


Withdrawn for Excessive Absences (In this course, a WA may be given if 20% of the required assignments are not completed at any point during the course.)

Late Work Policy:

Late work will not be accepted unless you have a very good excuse. Having too much to do is not a good excuse. Having to go to the emergency room because you chopped off your finger is a good excuse.

Inputting Grades

All finished assignments should be uploaded to the appropriate discussion board or Oaks dropbox. I will make every effort to get your assignments graded before the start of the next module. If we have started a new module and you do not see a grade posted for an assignment you know you turned in, please contact me.

Online Expectations

This course requires a working computer with reliable access to the Internet, a webcam, and a microphone compatible with your computer. If you have technical problems contact Student Computing Support Desk 843-953-8000 or

If you are locked out of your account or are experiencing other issues with MyCharleston, please call Helpdesk at 843.953.3375. Helpdesk is available Monday - Friday from 7:30 am - 10:00 pm and Saturday & Sunday 2:00pm - 10:00pm.

Computer failure/unavailability does not constitute an excuse for not completing assignments by the due date.

Discussion Board & Interaction Expectations

In order for this course to be successful and in order for you to be successful in the course, you must contribute heavily to online discussions via the appropriate discussion boards. As the instructor, I will act as the facilitator to build our community, but you must participate in it for the community to be strong. When we are successful in building our learning community, learning will be that much easier and beneficial. I hope you will learn from each other as much as you do from me, and I am sure I will learn from you as well.

I not only expect you to play an important role in our learning community, but I also expect you to do so in a polite and constructive manner. If you are unaware of what netiquette is, it is a way in which to communicate with people online without live, face-to-face interaction. Remember that you are interacting with humans and you should follow the same rules as you do in real life. You should do your best to write with proper grammar, and know that typing in all capital letters is similar to yelling.
For more information on Netiquette, see this handy guide.

At the conclusion of the course, you are expected to complete a course-instructor evaluation.

Grade Distribution Across Modules

There are five categories over which your final grade is distributed. These five areas are weighted as follows:

Module I:                           20%

Module II:                          20%

Module III:                         20%

Module IV:                         40%

TOTAL:                              100%

(Final Pathfinder Project:  is 38% of your final grade)


Because we don’t actually meet in a classroom, it is essential that you maintain an active presence in the class by logging in at least 3 times/week, posting and reading the discussion forums, viewing the tutorials and readings necessary to complete your assignments, and submitting your assignments in OAKS when they are due. In this course, a WA (withdrawn for excessive absences) may be given if 20% of the required assignments are not completed at any point during the course.

This course will be facilitated through OAKS, the current College of Charleston Course Management System, available within My Charleston. Please go through the modules thoroughly, sequentially, and in a timely fashion. All assignments will be due by Sunday 11:59 p.m. the day before the next module begins. This class moves quickly. Although everything is asynchronous--we do not have to be online or at the same place at the same time--some of the assignments will involve online discussions, and it is vital that you stay current. All modules lead to the final project.

The last day to withdraw with a grade of “W” is Monday July 25.. :
Summer Semester 2016 Academic Calendar.

I strongly suggest you spend at least 5-7 hours per week on this course material, and you should log in to Oaks 5-7 times per week to check discussion boards and course news items. If you find you need more time to complete modules, please contact me ASAP.