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North Campus Library: What is in the library?

Description of the resources, facility, and services available at the North Campus Library.

Equipment & Seating

A small collection  of books supporting the programs offered at the North Campus is carefully curated by the librarian and available for students. two people looking at books
library view of seating A bank of  computer workstations allows Internet access, provides multiple browsers,  Microsoft Office software, statistical software packages, and other standard computer applications. These computers are networked to a high capacity printers; photo/document scanning is also available.  All computers are equipped with wireless internet hardware and software for use within the building and grounds. Wireless access is available throughout the Library and North Campus facility. Data and power outlets are also provided at tables, carrels, and walls in order to accommodate portable computer users.

Study Rooms

The library was designed with student comfort and productivity in mind, allowing room for individual study with high backed privacy chairs and study rooms with write-able walls for group projects and brainstorming.

The eight study rooms are available first come, first serve and seat four around a round table.

students charting their study