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Addlestone Library is accessible only to College of Charleston students, faculty, and staff, Friends of the Library, or those with appointments for services offered in the library. NEW Cougar Cards, FOL cards, or appointment emails are required for entry. Face coverings and social distancing are also required. Virtual services for all College Libraries continue to be available at

Circulation Services: Faculty and Staff Services

Due to COVID-19 precautions, we are not able to provide hard copy reserves for faculty until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Faculty may place materials on reserve for 2 hours, 24 hours, 3 days or 1 week. Syllabi, lecture notes, tests, periodical articles, book chapters, and some other materials may be placed on electronic reserve. Books, audiovisual materials and other items may be placed on traditional reserve.  Faculty members are responsible for bibliographic information and copyright permissions. Materials submitted for class reserve take a minimum of 3 working days to process from the time received.

  • The library has established copyright and fair use policy for electronic reserve materials. To view the policy, go to our copyright Guide. All materials requested to be put on electronic reserve must comply with this policy.
  • You must write citation information on each photocopied item you submit for either traditional or electronic reserve.
    Books: author, title, publisher, date of publication, page numbers.
    Journal articles: journal title, volume, issue, date, page numbers.
  • Hard Copy Reserve Request Form

Placing Materials on Electronic Reserve

What may be submitted:

  • syllabi, lecture notes, tests or other material you have created.
  • student papers if you submit written permission from the student.
  • articles from periodicals.
  • chapters from books.

Friendly Reminders:

  • Circulation staff will retrieve library books for faculty
  • Course packets cannot be placed on reserve
  • Use OAKS if you prefer to reserve your materials online

Form in which material may be submitted:

  • MS Word documents on disk, electronic files (such as text files), or Adobe Acrobat pdf files, standard image files, and Powerpoint presentations, mpeg and almost any other format.
  • A clean, legible photocopy of the material.

How to submit requests:

  • Please complete the OAKS course reserve request form.  Then add the circulation dept as content assistants, see steps below.
    If you have materials that you would like assistance with adding to OAKS, please use the following steps to enable the circulation department to assist you in OAKS.
    1. From your course page in OAKS click on “classlist”
    2. click on add participants
    3. click existing user
    4. under existing user search for circle or under first, last name and email
    5. check the box next to the circle account and set the role to content assistant
    6. click enroll participant and that would give us authorization to post your documents on your course page(s).
  • If you need assistance contact Circulation and they will give you the necessary instructions on how to proceed.
  • Complete all portions of the  Scanned item form.
  • Include complete citations for photocopied materials for copyright purposes.
  • Attach copies of any copyright permissions you have obtained.
  • Bring or email the Scanned item form, print materials and/or electronic files (e.g., disks) to the Circulation Desk, located on the main floor of the library or email the form and material to

Hold Procedure

Faculty can place items on the hold shelf for up to one full semester. This service is useful when you don't have your Cougar Card for checkout, or if you only want to use any books you’ve found in the actual building.

Search Procedure

Items listed as available that patrons are unable to locate may be subject to a formal search. Patrons are encouraged to visit the Circulation desk and have them do a brief check for the missing item.  If they are unable to quickly locate the item, patrons are encouraged to leave contact information and the latest date the material is needed, so that if it is located by then, it will be held for that patron.

General Information

The proxy card service is a service intended for members of the College of Charleston faculty to facilitate faculty research by extending library privileges to authorized individuals on behalf of the faculty member.

Faculty members may authorize designated students, graduate assistants and research assistants of their choosing to check out library books, media, print microfilm copies, and place items on reserve, using the faculty member’s library account(s).

Faculty members should complete a proxy request form for each cardholder at:

Proxy cards expire at the end of each semester.  Cards will be processed within 48 hours. If the faculty member needs the card immediately, please contact Will Breard at or call 953.8001. The faculty member may contact the Circulation Department to extend or revoke cardholder’s privileges at any time. Also, the card will be mailed to the faculty member, unless specified otherwise.


The faculty member granting proxy permission will be held accountable for any microfilm copies produced by the proxy and charged to the faculty member’s departmental account. Lost or damaged library items will be the faculty member’s responsibility and will be charged to the faculty member’s library account.

Faculty members using the service are encouraged to periodically monitor his/her borrower’s account. You may monitor your account at: The proxy card holder will not receive notices or correspondence regarding the faculty member’s account, nor will the proxy card holder be responsible for recalled items that become overdue.

The proxy card holder must provide a valid proxy card at the time of checkout and must be listed as a proxy on the faculty member’s library account. The faculty member may restrict full disclosure of his/her library account to the proxy.

Renewals can be facilitated through your My Library Account or at the Circulation Desk, in-person, or by phone (843) 953-8001.

Most items may be renewed two times, with the exception of reserve items, books from the browsing collection, and books that have a hold on them.  If items are overdue, it must be returned and all associated fined paid before renewing. 

If CofC Libraries does not have or provide access to what you need, you can request materials from other libraries through two services, PASCAL and traditional interlibrary loan (ILL). See the Interlibrary Loan for Faculty Guide for more information. 

My Library Account - click to view a list of and renew your current College and PASCAL books.

Contact Us

Circulation and Shelving Department


Brandon Lewter
Access Services Coordinator

(843) 953-4982

Will Breard
Circulation and Shelving Manager 

(843) 953-8004