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FYSE 105: More Than Just Hybrids and Electrics - Rethinking the Greenest Car (Stiefel): Welcome

Automobile Dealership

Course Description and Learning Outcomes

This course explores the solutions to environmental issues regarding transportation, looking at old and new automobiles and the ignored opportunity of automotive rehabilitation.


First Year Experience (FYE) Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify and use the appropriate academic resources and student support services at College of Charleston.  These would include the library, information technology, the Center for Student Learning, the Career Center, and other appropriate academic resources, student support services, and cultural resources
  2. Use appropriate tools and search strategies for identifying particular types of information specific to the discipline
  3. Evaluate the relevance, quality, and appropriateness of different sources of information
  4. Recognize and classify the information contained within a bibliographic citation.
  5. Access and use information ethically and legally

Subject Headings for Green Cars and Energy

Use subject headings (like the ones below) to search the Discovery Service and Classic Catalog for books, articles, and more!

Search Strategies

Using the catalog to find Special Collections' architectural resources

It is rare for a single subject or keyword search to successfully pull up every resource available at the College of Charleston Libraries on a given topic. Be prepared to conduct several different searches using the online catalog.

Subject search:
Architecture -- South Carolina -- Charleston
Charleston (S.C.) -- Buildings, structures, etc.
Excavations (Archaeology) -- South Carolina -- Charleston
Historic buildings -- South Carolina -- Charleston
Architecture, Domestic -- South Carolina -- Charleston

Keyword search:
Be mindful of being too specific when keyword searching. Sometimes the popular or alternative name for a building is not the authorized name used in the catalog. The popular name may not appear in a catalog record and therefore that record will not show up in a keyword search of the popular name. 

For example:
Popular name: Green Car
Authorized name: Electric Car

Popular name: The Circular Church
Authorized name: Independent or Congregational Church of Charleston, South Carolina.

Find Articles and Databases

Spotlight: Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation