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SOCY 349: Sociology of Mental Health and Illness (Hatteberg): Welcome


Research Paper Assignment

This Research Guide is meant to assist you in finding the necessary resources to complete your assignments in SOCY 349.  


"The final assignment for this course is a 10-12 page research paper on a topic or research question drawn from this course. Thus, topics may be selected from a broad range of issues related to the sociology of mental illness including topics outlined in the course schedule (see syllabus), as well as tangential issues that you might become interested in from class discussions and lecture material. The only requirement for topic selection is that the paper topic involves a sociologically relevant question/issue related to mental health or illness. Keep in mind that this assignment is designed for you to explore your personal interests in the sociology of mental health/illness, so you should select a topic about which you are excited about learning more."

Research Librarian

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