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Scholars Studio: Import Media, Convert Files & Edit Video

Import Media, Convert Files & Edit Video

Decorative ButtonImport and Edit Video


Watch the tutorials provided below to learn how to import video, organize and trim your clips, add photos and audio, include transitions, titles, and effects and create a voiceover for your video projects.

Decorative ButtoniMovie for Mac (online tutorial)

Decorative ButtoniMovie for iPhone (online tuturial)

Decorative ButtoniMovie for iPad (online tutorial)

Additional tutorials are available at iMovie Support (web).


Decorative ButtonGetting Started and other tutorials (web)


Decorative ButtonMedia Converters

Sometimes you will need to convert files so that you can view them in a media player or use them in a video editing program. For example, you can NOT import a .mov file (a Mac/iMovie format) into a PC editing program. iMovie will not import an .avi file, a common extension for Windows movies.  If you want to use the media, you will need to convert the file into a format that can be imported into your video editing program.  This can often be a problem with video footage taken using mobile devices.  For example, if an android phone is used to film media that will be used in a iMovie project or if the operating system on a mobile device is not compatible with a newer version of software.  

Below are a couple of video converters you can use online. You can perform a wider search on the web for additional resources.

File Types that can be Imported in iMovie:

  • .mp4
  • .mov