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Child Life: Library Research Methods (Kolak): Refining Results

Subject Specific Resources

Refining Results: Limiters

These limiters are only a sample of the limiters you might see in a database to refine your results are excellent options to test.

Searching by Geographical Location

Searching for sources based on the location of the study depends on the database. Occasionally Geography is listed in the limiters of how we refine our results. If not, here are some additional options.

Geography Search Option

There are databases that offer the option to search locations in your advanced search settings as a "Geographic Terms." 


Location as a Subject

No option for a Geography Search or limiter to refine by? The next best option is to simply search your location term as a subject search. This is not always a perfect option, and of course you may want to try a variety of descriptions to maximize your results. 

Search Tips

Too few results?

Use fewer search terms, or swap out for synonyms.
Borrow the subject terms coming up in the sidebar.
Truncate keywords to get all variations of the word (e.g. "censor*" searches for censor, censored, censorship, and censors). 

Too many results?

Be more precise (e.g. basketball instead of sports).
Add an additional keyword.
Enclose exact phrases in double quotation marks (e.g., "world health organization").
Refine your search using the facets like publication type, date range, or subject headings.