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COMM 280: Intro to Communicating Messages: Welcome

society and communication

COMM 280 Library Activity Worksheet

In your Informative Speech assignment for this class you need to select a topic that is useful, interesting, and relevant to your audience.  For your Persuasive Speech assignment you need to choose a current social or political issue that presents a problem on the local, national, or international level. This worksheet activity will allow you to practice searching specific databases for potential topics or ideas to develop an existing topic as well as to locate sources to support your speech.


Part 1: Your Google Docs Worksheet

Part 2: Follow along as the nice librarian explains:

  • Searching Databases for topic ideas and topics
  • Finding films in Streaming Databases
  • What the heck is ILL?

Part 3: Locate sources as indicated in your Google doc for this activity

  • Follow the instructions on your Google Doc to locate ideas for topics or topic sources and record the requested information for each source.

Part 4 Library Info. & Feedback

  • Complete the very brief feedback survey. 

"Society cannot share a common communication system so long as it is split into warring factions."

--Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956)

Names of the innocent

Your Librarian is:  Jared A. Seay
Your Professor is:  Dr. Brook Irving
Your Library Worksheet is HERE
Your Condition is: Mostly Stable


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Jared Seay
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