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Addlestone Library is open to the College of Charleston community and affiliates via card access. Visitors may access Addlestone Library Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, and must present a government issued ID and sign in upon entry.
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Communication Research: COMM 104 Library Session

Davis: FYSE 111: Comics & American Culture

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The Discovery Service provides a single, unified search box for searching the holdings of the College of Charleston Libraries, including academic/scholarly journal articles, print books, e-books, newspapers, magazines, internet documents, research reports, research guides, and much more!

Links for Today's Class

Informative Speech #1 Assignment

  1. In 1-2 sentences, describe what you are researching.
  2. Brainstorm search terms that could help you find useful information. List 3-5 words or phrases.
  3. Perform a search and identify a source that is appropriate for your research. 
  • Reference Source (Encyclopedia)
    • Credo, Gale
  • Articles (Newspaper, Magazine, Scholarly)
    • Newspaper Source Plus, (Search, Email and Citations) 
    • New York Times (Search, Subscribe)
  • Periodical/Database (News/General Interest, Popular, Scholarly)
    • Library Discovery Search Interface
  • Websites/Statistical Sources
  1. Provide the citation for the source. If the webpage does not include a citation, provide a link and enough descriptive information that you could find it again (Write & Cite).

  2. What can you learn from this source? Provide at least 2-3 sentences.

AI Tools, Prompts, and Tips

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) Discussion

Additional AI Research Resources

A few additional resources

  • Presto Writing Prompt Generator (free)
  • Essay-Builder. AI (free)
  • Research Rabbit
  • Connected Papers

Scholars Studio Librarian

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Jolanda-Pieta (Joey) van Arnhem M.F.A., M.L.I.S.
Addlestone Library, Room 101

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