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Concerning Consumer Health Research: _

Whereupon we shall learn how to start research in the area of Consumer Health

Assuming we are very keen to do this and have very little clue where to start

A Most Interesting Library Activity

Helpful Guides & Videos

Being a list of Introductory Guides & Videos Highlighting Basic Research Tools

Today's Investigations

  • What are scholarly resources?
  • What is where and why?
  • Research Guides for Fun and Profit
  • Putting Everything in one big pile: Discover Service
  • Where are all the Databases?
  • What is in this record & how do I get it?
  • So, how do I get help in this place?
peer re·view
1.   evaluation of scientific, academic, or professional work by others working in the same field.
2.   subject (someone or something) to a peer review.

Research Librarian, Media Services Coordinator

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Jared Seay
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