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Concerning Academic Research: Introduction


Whereupon we shall be introduced to various library tools to better facilitate our role as academic researchers
(and in so doing obtain an impressive grade on this assignment)


Your Class: ENG 110

Your Librarian Today: 
Jared A. Seay

Your Professor for the Duration:
Ariel Hartwig


A Most Interesting
Library Activity

Helpful Guides & Videos

Being a list of Introductory Guides & Videos Highlighting Basic Research Tools

top page thing

Today's Invesigations

Today's Investigations

  • What is where and why?
  • Research Guides for Fun and Profit
  • Its a Classic: The Classic Catalog
  • Research Guides for Fun and Profit
  • Putting Everything in one big pile: Discover Service
  • Where are all the Databases?
  • So, how do I get help in this place?

Peer Review

peer re·view
1.   evaluation of scientific, academic, or professional work by others working in the same field.
2.   subject (someone or something) to a peer review.

Research Librarian, Media Services Coordinator

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Jared Seay
Addlestone Room 101