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Digital Media, Democracy, and Dystopia: Home

HONS 390-5: ADVANCED STUDY is a research guide for HONS 390, and includes bibliographies, filmographies, sources for film reviews, and other resources related to topics and issues developed and touched upon in this course. 

Course Description: The Digital Media, Dystopia, and Democracy course looks to the future. Examining digital media’s role in the maintenance or collapse of democratic societies, this course considers the potential impact of the sensor society, algorithmic recommendation engines in social media and streaming media platforms, surveillance capitalism, virtual and augmented reality, and wearable and implantable technologies. The class employs a Science and Technologies Studies perspective, with a focus on the values embedded in the design of media. Against this backdrop, the class also explores the depiction of these technologies in popular culture texts such as Blade Runner, The Matrix, and Black Mirror.

Course description taken from course syllabus by Dr. David Parisi

This guide was created by librarian Jared A. Seay in close cooperation with Dr. David Parisi.  Please send any concerns or corrections to

Guide Table of Contents

Dystopian Filmography
     Film tiles in which the setting and background is a dystopia

Dystopian Research
     A bibliography of sources of research concerning dystopia in literature and film. 

     Databases in which one can find film reviews. 

Streaming Digital Databases
     Databases at the Addlestone Library wherein one can access full length access to many dystopian films


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