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ENGL 110: Intro to Academic Writing (Dr. Young): The Library Guide

Using this Guide

A Welcome from Dr. Young


Welcome to the course library guide for ENGL 110: Introduction to Academic Writing with Dr. Young. You can use this page as a resource for when you are doing research for your RSA paper’s “historical context” section. 

The thematic focus and topic of your paper should focus on water rights, water insecurity or some water-based social justice issue. The reason why we are thinking about water is because it is the focus of CofC’s Sustainability Initiative this year. But also because Charleston, in particular, is located by many waterways and projections have put many parts of this coastal city to be permanently underwater by 2030! For a visual projection of the lands that are projected to be underwater in coming years, you can visit the following link (type in “Charleston, SC” in the search box and use the slider to view by year): Climate Central: Coastal Risk Screening Tool

This is just one of the water justice issues that are facing this city as a result of climate change. Throughout the nation and the world, there are other forms of water issues that affect people’s ability to live healthy lives and to live in sustainable conditions, including water insecurity as it relates to access to clean drinking water. You can begin to watch the TedTalk above as an introduction to the salience water plays in all of our lives. 

You can use this guide to help your understanding by using the navigational menu at the top to strengthen the “historical context” sections of your RSA. 

I look forward to reading your RSA papers and seeing which water matters matter the most to you!
Dr. Young

Research Librarian

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Elena Rodriguez
Addlestone Library, Room 101