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Reading newspapers through the library

Three ways to read newspaper articles online

Newspaper websites

Most major newspapers today publish articles both in print and online. While it may be easy to find a newspaper's website and browse the headlines, it is not always free to read articles online. Many newspaper websites are paywalled, meaning that only paying subscribers can access all articles in full.

Library databases

As an alternative, many newspapers are available through library databases. The look and feel is different, but you can read all the same articles without having to pay for a newspaper subscription. Newspapers can be found in several different library collections. Access World News (sometimes called Newsbank) is one of CofC's biggest newspaper collections. All the UK dailies below can be read in Access World News, so you can read them without having to learn multiple interfaces.

PressReader (access provided by the library)

PressReader is a digital platform for reading newspapers and magazines. It is designed to mimic reading a print publication, By installing the PressReader app on your mobile device and adding these newspapers to your Favorites, you can quickly scan these papers each day and read any articles that interest you. See below for more about setting up PressReader.

UK Daily Newspapers

Read articles in Access World News

The Access World News landing page for each paper is linked below. You may be prompted to authenticate using your CofC credentials. 

You can browse issues by date or search by keyword/article title. Articles from the most recent issue of a newspaper should be available in Access World News almost as quickly as they appear on the newspaper website, but you may notice a lag in some cases. If that is happening, you can always browse the newspaper website to see which articles interest you, and then read them once they become available in Access World News.

Read articles on newspaper websites

Except for The Guardian, these sites are paywalled. You may be able to read an article or two, but that's all unless you register and subscribe. Most of these sites also show intrusive pop-up advertising to non-subscribers. 


Using the app

You may find it more convenient to download the PressReader app (available in the Apple, Google Play, and Microsoft app stores).

Download and sign in

  • Search for and download the PressReader app (or use the app store links at the bottom of any PressReader webpage).
  • After downloading, connect to CofC access by selecting Libraries & Groups on the Sign In screen.
  • Search for College of Charleston.
  • When you see "Welcome to College of Charleston! Select Sign In" follow the instructions to sign in with your CofC account. 

Library sessions last for 30 days. When your session expires, sign back in to begin a new session. 

Check your settings

Tap More on the bottom menu and select Settings. Check for the following:

  • General Settings:
    • Download Over Wi-Fi Only: Be sure this is on so you do not have to worry about international data fees!
    • Remove Issues: Select your preference for how much you want to store on your phone. Keep 3 back issues will minimize storage space, but consider how consistently you have wifi access--you may prefer to keep more if you have irregular access. 
    • Default Application Panel: Select which screen you would like to see when you open the app.
  • These seem to be the most important settings, but there are others you can explore. Check the PressReader help site if you have questions.

Add papers to Favorites

  • Tap the Browse menu icon (on an iPhone, the menu is at the bottom).
  • If you are in-country, you may already see some papers from your class list. Find more by searching for a newspaper title or by selecting United Kingdom from the country list. You should be able to find most of the papers listed on your course guide except for The Times
  • Tap on an individual newspaper (e.g. The Guardian). 
  • Tap Follow in the top right to add this paper to your Favorites list. 
    • Recommendation: Leave Auto-download turned off to save space on your device and minimize data usage. 
  • Repeat these steps for additional papers.

Reading your Favorites

  • Tap the For You menu icon.
  • Papers you are following will appear in the Your Latest Issues section. 
  • Tap See all for the full list of papers/issues. 
  • Tap the issue you want to read. 
  • Tap the Read button to download and open the issue you wish to read.
  • Swipe to browse through the issue. You can also use the bulleted list icon in the top right to switch between sections.
  • Tap any article to view it in a larger, more readable format.

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