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Faculty Services: Library Liaisons

This guide is a resource listing the various library services available to faculty.

Library Liaisons

Find Your Discipline's Library Liaison

Click the link below and use the pull-down menu to select your discipline. Your liaison's photo and contact information will appear, along with any research guides for your subject. 


Library liaisons assist with the following:

  • Collaborating with faculty in assigned disciplines to teach students research, information, and digital literacy skills.
  • Developing information literacy special lectures that focus on the type of research and content specific to discipline related courses.
  • Serving as embedded librarian/archivist in discipline related First Year Experience and other discipline related courses.
  • Helping instruct students in other learning/information resources (iMovie/Moviemaker, Blogger, Google Apps, Prezi, etc.) that specifically incorporate library resources related to liaison area courses.
  • Creating and maintaining web based subject and course guides for liaison discipline.
  • Conducting research consultations with CofC students, faculty, and staff in assigned liaison area.
  • Advising with regard to acquisitions and collection assessment.
  • Providing information about the libraries including directional assistance with collection development.
  • Promoting library resources within the campus community.

Research Consultations

Research consultation appointments are available for CofC faculty, staff, and students to meet with a librarian or archivist to discuss a research topic, outline a research strategy, assist in finding resources, assist in the use of proper citation style, and how to avoid plagiarism or copyright violations. Research consultations are scheduled at a time that is convenient for both the researcher and the librarian and are available 7 days/week in person and via Skype. Click here to schedule a research consultation.

Course Related Information Literacy Instruction

The College's Libraries strive to collaborate with faculty of every discipline to teach students research, information, and digital literacy skills. Librarians work closely with the faculty member to develop a special lecture that focuses on the type of research and content specific to each course. Librarians can also create web based library research guides and help instruct students in other tools (iMovie/Moviemaker, Wordpress/Blogger, Google Apps, Prezi, etc.) that specifically incorporate library resources related to your course. By having a librarian deliver a special lecture for your curriculum, the librarian can assist you by helping your students:

  1. Develop compelling research questions
  2. Identify contextually appropriate tools and resources to answer research questions
  3. Employ effective and efficient search strategies to find a range of appropriate information sources
  4. Critically evaluate information according to discipline specific parameters of authority
  5. Use information ethically, avoiding plagiarism and respecting the intellectual property of others
  6. Contribute to ongoing scholarly conversation by producing new information content and building on previous scholarly efforts

Many faculty members report receiving better research papers from their students following library instruction sessions.

For information on scheduling an instruction session for your class, please contact your department's Library Liaison or click here to schedule an instruction session.

Embedding a Librarian into OAKS

Librarians can assist with avoiding plagiarism, topic selection, search techniques for finding books and articles, and critical evaluation of sources. Embedding a librarian in your OAKS course allows an instructor to add a librarian to assist their students with research.

You may embed a librarian in your course in one of two roles. Both roles allow the librarian to participate in the discussion board and to appear on the classlist for easy email access.The librarian cannot see any student work or the course grade book.

Librarian role - Allows students to email their librarian from the classlist.  Librarian can create customized widgets for library research guides.

Content Assistant role – In addition to the above, librarian can add content beyond widgets such as links to tutorials and articles.

If a librarian has not been assigned to your class, please use this form to request a librarian to assist in the research aspect(s) of your OAKS course. Once a librarian has been assigned, please follow the steps below to add the librarian to your course.

  1. Decide which role the librarian should have:  Librarian (appears on the classlist allowing students direct email access, can create widgets and homepages only) or Content Assistant (can do all of the above and add additional content in the course).
  2. From your course page in OAKS click on Communication and use the drop down to select “Classlist
  3. Click "Add Participants".
  4. Select "Add Existing Users".
  5. Under the "Add Existing Users" option use the "Search For" box to search for a librarian’s first name, last name or email (e.g.> or Burton Callicott). Click the magnifying glass or hit return
  6. Check the box next to the librarian’s account.
  7. To the right of the librarian’s name, set the role as appropriate to Librarian or Content Assistant and choose the appropriate section.
  8. Click the "Enroll Selected Users" button at the bottom of the page to add the librarian to your course.

Questions? Call Burton Callicott, Head of Research & Instruction Services, at (843) 953-0016 or email

Library Instruction Contacts

Burton Callicott
Head of Research & Instruction
Addlestone Library

Instruction Contacts by Location

Addlestone Library
Elena Rodriguez
Coordinator of Instruction

Scholars Studio, Addlestone Library
Jolanda "Joey" Van Arnhem 
Scholar's Studio Librarian

Special Collections
Mary Jo Fairchild
Manager of Research Services

Avery Research Center
Aaisha Haykal
Manager of Archival Services

North Campus and Lowcountry Graduate Center
Jannette Finch (on Sabbatical Spring 2019)
Jolanda "Joey" VanArnhem 
Scholar's Studio Librarian

Marine Resources Library
Geoff Timms
Librarian for Marine Resources

Instruction Contacts by Discipline

After clicking the link below, use the pull-down menu to select your discipline.

2017-2018 Library Liaisons Spreadsheet

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