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FRE 453: Voices of French-speaking North America (Sapp): Welcome

Course Description and Goals


This course explores the literature, poetry, theater, media, and cultures of French-speaking North America. Students will study works of various genres and examine the social, historical, and cultural issues surround these works.

As the first Black Republic in the Western Hemisphere and the site of the first successful slave revolution, Haiti offers a singular site of inquiry for questions pertaining to race, cultural hybridity and a history that links North and South America, the Caribbean, France and the African continent. Through a study of historical documents, scholarly articles, novels and film, this course serves as an introduction to Haitian culture and history from the Haitian Revolution to the earthquake of 2010.


By the end of the semester students will demonstrate an understanding of literary and cinematic production pertaining to Haiti as well as detailed knowledge of the political and historical context surrounding this production. Furthermore, this course develops student’s analytical skills in the French language through a structured research component that introduces students to methods for identifying, assessing and using secondary sources. This outcome is assessed in the final research project.