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Addlestone Library is open to the College of Charleston community and affiliates via card access. Visitors may access Addlestone Library Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, and must present a government issued ID and sign in upon entry.
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FYSU 114 (Duvall): Research Strategies

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The Discovery Service provides a single, unified search box for searching the holdings of the College of Charleston Libraries, including academic/scholarly journal articles, print books, e-books, newspapers, magazines, internet documents, research reports, research guides, and much more!

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Search for and evaluate books, articles, and media to help with your assignments.

Start your Research

Limit your Search by Domain

In Google, you can limit your search by any domain or website.

By Domain Example: indian boarding school

By URL Example:  chinese exclusion act site:

Research Strategies

Remember the strategies you learned with the librarian: 

When using library resources, like the Discover tool or the suggested library databases, use the filters to the left of the screen.
Remember you can filter by many things, but for this class, most useful is: 

  • Date,
  • Resource Type,
  • Subject.

Remember that the suggested databases might not be the most valuable to you. You will identify useful journal titles and databases as you dig deeper into the research.

Use the Boolean OR for synonyms, or for your authors: 
Zitkala-Sa OR Gertrude Bonnin Simmons
Sui Sin Far OR Edith Maude Eaton

Use the Boolean AND to limit and refine your search.

Searching Google Scholar

Google Scholar allows you to use phrases or natural language in your search. Tie your search results into Addlestone Library resources by following these steps.

Update your Google Scholar settings to link to the College of Charleston Libraries collection.

  1. Go to Google Scholar, and click the three horizontal bars in the left corner to view the menu (for browser Chrome--if using another browser, look for settings).
  2. Click the cog icon to see Settings.
  3. Click Library links, and search for College of Charleston.
  4. Check the box next to "College of Charleston Libraries.”
  5. Click Save.

View it @ CofC link will now appear next to select articles in your search results. Click on them to see if we have the articles in our collection. Note: Google Scholar includes books and book chapters as well as articles. The View it link won't work for these or for journal articles that are only available in print (not online).