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HIST 299: Rights in the Atlantic World (Jones): Rights Research

Director of Special Collections and Archives

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Kelly Hudson
Addlestone Library, Room 350

Thursday Archives Activity

Analyzing Primary Source and Archival Materials:

1. What is the title of the document/artifact? Author (or creator): Date(s):

2. Is it part of an archival collection, and if so what? To what repository does it belong? 

3. What type of artifact is this? (letter, diary, journal, pamphlet, image, map, photo, etc.)? What are some unique physical qualities of the document? 

4. For what audience(s)/purpose was the artifact created? What is the evidence that shows you why it exists?

5. Write a question to the creator(s) of the artifact that is left unanswered in the document.

6. Read the artifact “against the grain” and identify at least one historically marginalized person or group of people who are not represented or are missing (archival silence).

7. How could a researcher use the archival item? In other words, what research questions could this item help answer?

8. How can you find out more about the context and background of the artifact? What is its relationship to other primary sources or archival collections you may encounter?

Online Resources

Research and Instruction Librarian

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Elena Rodriguez
Addlestone Library, Room 101

Tuesday Library Activity

  1. Check that you are logged into your CofC Google Account
  2. Make a copy of the spreadsheet above
    • Change name to <last name> HIST 299, Jones
  3. Share with Dr. Elisa Jones ( and Elena Rodriguez (

Log at least two secondary sources (books, articles, websites) on your spreadsheet, but you are welcome to do additional searches and log any relevant sources.

Subject Specific Resources