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Active Learning Multiplayer Scenario Game-Based Learning: My Identity

Who I Am

I am a research librarian at the College of Charleston.  My interest includes the use of  games and gamification in teaching and learning. I have utilized games with faculty for classroom learning and library bibliographic instruction and promotion. Specifically my current research - and passion - investigates how immersive scenario gaming can be effectively incorporated into higher education.  I write a column for Against the Grain (Gamification in Libraries & Associated Entities), and  I am currently working on a grant to use this pedagogy to teach information literacy.

I have talked with several instructors in both primary and higher education on their use of such a pedagogy.  I am finding the practical application of games and scenarios across many disciplines are using different technologies both digital and analog.  The incorporation of AR and VR and MR is fascinating particularly as it regards the melding of digital and analog in pervasive games and scenario creation.  I think the field could benefit from such like-minded instructors sharing ideas and experiences. I welcome contact from any teacher and professor who has a similar interest or who may be using such games in their teaching. Please feel free to contact me.  I am even now trying to gather like-minded students and faculty on my campus into a working group on the subject.  Regional, national, and international contacts can only increase the effectiveness of the research and application. At the very least I will get to teach more effectively by playing more games. And is that not the real goal after all?

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Jared Seay
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