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Exploring the Indigenous South: Opportunities for Learning and Collaborating

This guide is intended for anyone interested in the experiences and cultural traditions of Indigenous people living in the region now known as the southeastern United States.

Opportunities for Learning and Collaborating

Learn more about developing relationships and collaborative opportunities with Indigenous Peoples.

Resources for learning from and collaborating with Indigenous Peoples in SC

Today, our state and region are home to many Indigenous peoples whose present-day experiences and perspectives are poorly understood by many non-Native people. To attain a deeper understanding of these experiences and perspectives, it is essential to seek opportunities to listen to Native Americans’ perspectives and to participate in activities that individuals and Tribes may be gracious enough to open to outsiders. While this direct contact is highly beneficial, it is not automatically available to anyone who may wish it. If you are interested in hearing the perspectives of Native people in our region and developing personal connections, be sensitive to the fact that Native people may not always wish to meet or share their histories with outsiders.

Additionally, CofC’s Center for Civic Engagement has facilitated several volunteering and service-learning opportunities including:

21st-Century Collaborations: South Carolina Tribes & College of Charleston

This section is a work in progress. As we continue to develop this Libguide, this section will be used to document the efforts made by C of C faculty, staff, and students to collaborate with and learn from interested members of Tribes in South Carolina. Because we are a mid-size, not small,  institution with many departments and divisions, individuals do not always know all the projects others have undertaken. An inventory of past interactions and collaborations with SC Tribe members may be useful for those of us who wish to plan future interactions that can help C of C to learn more and when possible, to leverage our institution’s resources to benefit South Carolina Tribes.