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Mystical Scene with Shams Al-Dīn Tabrīzī and the Reflection of Sun in a Pool

Course Description

The goal of this seminar is to guide you through the work of a professional historian and produce a major research paper. You will select primary sources and analyze them. You will develop an argument and set your project within current scholarly engagement in your chosen topic. You will do your research, write, revise and present your work to your peers and instructor in stages. The final product will be a professional oral presentation and a polished research paper with publication potential. The theme of the seminar is broad enough to enable you to choose a topic of interest to you that pertain to Islam or Muslim communities, medieval or modern, as long as it is based in primary sources and is historical in nature.


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Mary Jo Fairchild

Library and Archival Instruction Goals

By the end of library information and archival literacy sessions students will have the skills to identify contextually appropriate tools and sources to answer research questions.

Archival Silence