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At this time, Addlestone Library is accessible only to College of Charleston students, alumni, faculty and staff, Friends of the Library, or those with appointments for services offered in the library. Face coverings and NEW Cougar Cards, Alumni Cards, FOL cards, or appointment emails are required for entry.

Addlestone Library Technology Rooms: Flexroom/360

Equipment, Resources and Contact Information for Addlestone Library Technology Rooms

Scheduling Contact Information

Tamara Rosas-Bossak, Administration

Room 250 - Library Administration
Addlestone Library
P. 843-953-8002


Room 360 is designated primarily for students to use as open study space (no reservations required) and for librarians to give presentations.

The Library will continue to use 227 as a lecture, teaching and meeting space.
Room 227 Request Form

Students looking for meeting space for their clubs/fraternities/sororities should use the Registrar's Office Student Room Request form to find a suitable location.

Hardware and Software

Software and Hardware

  • Addlestone Room 360 does not have a computer station.  It is designed for you to bring your own laptop/device and plug into one of the 3 HDMI ports or project wirelessly via AppleTV. 
  • Campus wireless is available and there are 3 wired connections in the room.  
  • The room does not have a phone line or camera for virtual meetings. 
  • Chairs and tables are easily reconfigured

FlexRoom 360

Photo of Flex Room 360

Room 360 accommodates meetings and gatherings of about 30-50 people. The chairs and tables are easily reconfigured to support a number of events. The room is located on the third floor of the Addlestone Library and may only be booked by the Library Administration. Room 360 is equipped with three 75 inch, LED screens, which enables one to show either one presentation on all 3 screens or, using 3 devices, show 3 different images on each screen making it suitable for presentations or group work. If assistance is needed with any of the equipment in the room, make sure to submit your request 24 hours prior to the requesting time/date to the Library Support Ticket System.

Students looking for meeting space for their clubs/fraternities/sororities should use the Registrar's Office Student Room Request form to find a suitable location.

Requesting Assistance

Please submit all internal Library requests for webinar/meeting setups, library technology room setups, and presentation/presenter assistance to the Library Support Ticket System at least 24 hours prior to the requesting time/date.   Please note that the requests can only be submitted from campus at this time. Submitting your requests using the Library Support Ticket System will allow us to coordinate our schedules and provide the best service possible between 8 am and 4 pm, Mon - Fri.  When submitting a ticket please make sure to include all relevant information.  

Webinar, presentation or meeting please include:

  1. Room location
  2. Date/Time (and Time Zone)
  3. Webinar or meeting Title
  4. Name and Email Registered with Webinar
  5. Webinar URL
  6. Webinar join password
  7. Is a phone line required?  If so, please consider another room.
  8. Is Skype required? If so, please consider another room.

Presenter assistance please include:

  1. Room location
  2. Date
  3. Talk Title/Affiliation
  4. Presenter Needs 
  5. Contact Information for the Presenter (email and phone)
  6. Setup/Dry Run Time
  7. Time of Talk

After Hours Support

  • The library staff member responsible for scheduling the room is welcome but not required to submit a support ticket to have the room set up and equipment checked before an after hours event.
  • The technology team is available between 8am and 4pm.  
  • The technology team will check the equipment in cases where a request is made.  This doesn’t guarantee that the equipment will work at the time of the afterhours event.