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MKTG 302 Marketing Concepts -- Blose: Home

Hot Sauce Survey: Exploring Secondary Research Sources


1. Choose a partner, and sit next to each other, making sure you can see each other's computer screen.

2. Choose a hot sauce brand: Cholula, Frank's RedHot, Sriracha, or TABASCO.

3. Carefully read through the following prompts/questions:

Company name, size, where it operates, etc.

Is the brand a subsidiary of a larger parent company? If so, which one? Is it private or publicly traded (i.e., does it have a NYSE ticker symbol)? How many employees does the company have? What’s the history of the company? When and where was it founded? Where is it based today?

Industry category and characteristics

Describe the hot sauce industry in terms of size and growth.

Main competitors

Who are the main competitors of the brand/company? Name three national/international, major competitors and two local/regional ones.

Key factors/trends

What are some of the key factors or trends relevant to the brand’s current marketing efforts and challenges?

Segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies

Briefly describe the brand/company’s segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategies as you understand them based on the example sources and the brand/company's website and social media.

Marketing mix strategies (i.e., the four Ps)

Briefly describe the marketing strategies the brand/company appears to be using. Think in terms of product, place, price, and promotion. (It's fine to use Google for this one! Use the "Other" category.)

4. Read through the secondary research sources provided in your brand's folder below, and try to identify which sources answer the prompts/questions above. Feel free to divvy up the reading between you and your partner.

5. Complete the form linked below. You only have to submit one form per group.

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