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HIST 350: Native Americans & the Clash of Empires: Forest Diplomacy

Selected Table of Contents

PART I: Introduction                               2

PART II: Historical Background          14

PART III: Game                                      38

PART IV: Roles & Factions                  58

PART V: Core Texts                               66

A Word from your Librarian

Reacting to the past game

From Mar. 17 to Apr. 5, you will participate in a role-playing game entitled Reacting to the Past.  You will assume the identity of a historical character and participate in a succession of diplomatic meetings between Europeans, colonists and Native Americans in 1757 at the height of the French and Indian War.  This exercise will require you to apply the knowledge you acquired in class.  Your grade will be based on your ability to achieve your character’s objectives and to act and think in a way that would be close to the historical reality.  By then, you should have gained all the knowledge needed to take on this new persona. 


Native Americans - Pennsylvania Relations in 17th & 18th Centuries

Forest Diplomacy: Cultures in Conflict on the Colonial Frontier, 1757