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Introduction to the author disambiguation identifier ORCID ID

Introduction to ORCID ID



ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is a non-profit organization providing unique author identifiers to better link scholarship to authors.

An ORCID iD is a URL to your ORCID profile, e.g.
Geoff Timms ORCID iD


What can ORCID do for you?

  • Provide a persistent unique author identifier
  • Provide an easily-editable web presence for you to showcase your scholarship
  • Serve as a hub for you to reference your other Web sites (Google Citations, LinkedIn, ResearchGate)
  • Increase exposure to your scholarship


Why might you need ORCID?

  • Increasing numbers of journals require an ORCID iD to submit a manuscript
  • Some grant applications require an ORCID iD


Check to see if ORCID training is currently scheduled or ask for a session to be scheduled with you.