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Streaming Media & Media Resources at the Addlestone Library: All About Zoom(ing)

Optimize your Zoom Session to Show a Video Clip

For more information, see Zoom's knowledge base for details about share settings.

And remember: if you have issues, try updating your Zoom app to see if that helps. And note: if you are on a classroom computer, Zoom does go into "deep freeze." To fix this, you'll need to contact IT update Zoom on your classroom computer before you show your clip (AKA - PLAN AHEAD).

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player will play a DVD on Zoom! However, watching a full movie on Zoom is not always an enjoyable experience due to bandwidth, connectivity, etc.

  • VLC is a free download: 
  • VLC is agnostic, so it's "not afraid" of Zoom / copyright.
  • We suggest short clips only. 

ZOOM Help & Tips & Tricks Videos

Sharing & Playing a Video: Zoom Help Center


Can I do it Legally?
"The more a faculty member does to add new commentary, value, meaning, and messages to the screening, the greater the transformative use."   -- Kyle K. Courtney

Broadcasting/Streaming a DVD in an educational Zoom session offers both technological and copyright issues.    Aside from internet connectivity problems, the technological issues can be relatively easily overcome.  The overarching issue concerns the legality of broadcasting a commercial DVD in the first place.  Is it legal?  By what restrictions must an instructor need to abide in order to do so legally?  How does the concept of educational "fair use" and the TEACH act - and the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic lock-down - figure into all of this?

As with many things involving the educational use of copyrighted material, the answers are usually not straight forward and vary with the circumstance and even with who you ask.  Below is a survey of the stated policies of random institutions of higher learning specifically concerning  the copyright implications of broadcasting (to a registered class of students) a DVD in a Zoom class session. 

Basically the question is: can one broadcast a DVD over Zoom legally in the context of a class session?  Some institutions say "it all depends" and then give criteria for how to make it happen.  Some institutions seem to ignore any copyright issues and only address technological issues.  At least one institution indicates that streaming a commercial DVD over Zoom is forbidden.  I have listed the three perceptions below in each of three BOXES.

The one common variable among almost all of these institutions is their reference to the concepts of the "fair use" section of copyright law and the newer part of copyright law section 110(02) known as the TEACH act.  All of the institutions refer to these sections upon the advice of Harvard Librarian/Lawyer Kyle K. Courtney (copyright advisor to Harvard University) as posted in a series of three blog posts entitled "COVID-19, Copyright and Library Superpowers."  The third post was the most pertinent:  “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom: Copyright and Face-to-Face TEACH-ing in a COVID-19 World.”

"Keep calm, and “fair use on” in a thoughtful and educated way."  --- Kyle K. Courtney