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THTR 310/311 History of Theatre (Appler): Welcome

Historical Interventions Research

(reprinted from Appler, V. Historical interventions research paper).

With this research paper, you will intervene into a historical problem that exists within a theatre topic that we have touched upon this semester. For this project, you will pose a question about a play, a genre of performances, or a historical figure that you perceive as a theatrical problem Perhaps you are unsatisfied with the existing historical narrative—this person’s/people’s voice is not their own, there is insufficient research into the social circumstances of an original production, or, you just want to know MORE about this issue. You will craft your research remembering that it is the historiographer's job to fill gaps in the existing historical record, to discuss a familiar topic from a new perspective, to give voice to underrepresented groups from a particular era, or to discuss an historical theatre topic within the context of what we now know about the particular culture in which it existed. Your job is to intervene into the narrative about your topic from one of these perspectives.  What have other historians said about this topic? How is your point of view different? Your paper should clearly state and defend a thesis about your topic from your new historiographical perspective.

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