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Lowcountry Oral History Initiative (LOHI) Toolkit: Home

How-to guide for community and campus oral history projects brought to you by the Lowcountry Oral History Initiative at the College of Charleston Libraries.

Get Planning

Plan your Project: Where to start

This 3-page module provides an introduction to the discipline of oral history and covers the steps for designing an oral history project.

Step One

Data Dashboards

This module explains informed consent, creating biographical forms, and utilizing cloud storage. Copyright in oral history is also covered.

Step Two

Interview Time

Data Dashboards

This module provides instructions for interviewers before and after conducting the interview.

Step Three

Plan your Project: Where to start

This module explains the transcription process and provides a brief introduction to metadata as well as an introduction to writing abstracts.

Step Four

Share and Learn

Plan your Project: Where to start

This modules explores means of preserving and making your oral history project accessible. Also included is information on how to join LOHI.

Step Five

Plan your Project: Where to start

This section provides lists or books, databases, websites, and more to help you as you learn about oral history.

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