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Find the Full Text of Original Marine Species Authorities: Authorities for SC Porifera

This guide will help you locate original species authorities and, in many cases, view the original text online.



Common Name Accepted Binomial Original Binomial Authority WoRMS Record Accepted Binomial with Authority Full Text of Original Species Authority Page
´╗┐Eroded sponge Chalinula loosanoffi Haliclona loosanoffi Hartman, 1958 132762 Chalinula loosanoffi (Hartman, 1958) Bulletin (Peabody Museum of Natural History) V. 12 62
Mermaid's glove Haliclona (Haliclona) oculata Spongia oculata Linnaeus, 1759 132833 Haliclona (Haliclona) oculata (Linnaeus, 1759) Systema naturae per regna tria naturae. 10th Ed. Vol. 2. 1348
Red beard sponge Clathria (Clathria) prolifera Spongia prolifera Ellis & Solander, 1786 167563 Clathria (Clathria) prolifera (Ellis & Solander, 1786) The natural history of many curious and uncommon zoophytes : collected from various parts of the globe 189
Yellow boring sponge Cliona celata Cliona celata Grant, 1826 134121 Cliona celata Grant, 1826 The Edinburgh new philosophical journal. Vol. 1 78