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Find the Full Text of Original Marine Species Authorities: Authorities for SC Bryozoa

This guide will help you locate original species authorities and, in many cases, view the original text online.



Common Name Accepted Binomial Original Binomial Authority WoRMS Record Accepted Binomial with Authority Full Text of Original Species Authority Page
Alcyonidium hauffi Alcyonidium hauffi Alcyonidium hauffi Marcus, 1939 470630 Alcyonidium hauffi (Marcus, 1939) Boletins da Faculdade de Philosophia, Sciencias e Letras, Universidade de São Paulo. Zoologia 3(3) 164
Alcyonidium polyoum Alcyonidium polyoum Sarcochitum polyoum Hassall, 1841 153717 Alcyonidium polyoum (Hassall, 1841) Annals and Magazine of Natural History. Vol. 7 484