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FRCS 101 (Hargrave): Web Site Development

Free Resources for Creating a Web Site

1) Google Sites. Easiest to Use, in this author's opinion.
Tutorials and How To Help for using Google Sites

2) As College of Charleston students, you are able to host your website on the College's server. These directions are more complicated. Access this FAQ with a login at the upper right of the screen.

3) Top Web Design Tools for Beginners.


Fonts and Images

Other resources for royalty-free images to support your website are available



Images, search images

VJL Royalty free stock footage and visuals


Google Fonts: Huge collection of free, well-made fonts.

The Ultimate Collection of Google Font Pairings: A list of great, well-designed font pairings from all those fonts hosted by Google (for when you’re looking for good contrasting or complementary fonts).