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How to Read and Write Like a Historian


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Mary Jo Fairchild

Marc Bloc's Historian's Craft



Cover Image of the first U.S. Edition of Apologie pour l'histoire ou Metier d'historien, or Historian's Craft by Marc Bloch, 1954.  The work explores the craft of the historian from a number of different angles and discusses what constitutes history and how it should be configured and created in literary form by the historian.

Course Description

This is a topic-based course in which students deal with different types of historical materials and techniques to develop skills in research, writing, critical thinking, and oral presentation, focused on the discipline of History. This is the foundational course of the History major and is designed to prepare History majors and minors for upper-level courses and the capstone research seminar. 

Library and Archival Instruction Goals

By the end of library information and archival literacy sessions students will have the skills to identify contextually appropriate tools and sources to answer research questions.