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Collection Development: Firm Orders

Provides information about the collections building process for the College of Charleston libraries.

What are Firm Orders?

At the beginning of every fiscal year, each academic department is allotted a certain amount of money to spend on library materials.  Departmental liaisons generate orders for library materials using the Book Request form, which are then completed by Collection Development staff.  Our goal is to have all of the money in the firm order budget completely expended by the end of the fiscal year.  Refer to the links on the right for more information about funds and orders.

Essential Firm Order Information

2019-2020 departmental firm order budgets are posted below. If you have questions about the firm order budget or your department's allocation, please contact Kayla Kipps, Collection Development Librarian. 

Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Order Timeline

Library allocates budget into serials, monographs, & approval plans (preliminary): April 2019
Preliminary budget approved by Faculty Library Committee: April 2019
Budget approved by Dean of Libraries: July 2019
Departments begin to submit orders: August 2019
Departmental faculty liaisons encumber 40% of firm order budget: October 2019
Deadline for requesting journals and databases: December 2019 
Departmental faculty liaisons encumber 80% of firm order budget: January 2020 
Departmental faculty liaisons submit 100% of firm orders: February 2020
Librarians encumber any remaining funds April 2020