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What is Immersive Scenario Gaming?

At its most basic level an immersive scenario game involves putting a group of players directly into a problem or scenario, often within a simulated physical environment or derivative “world,” while providing a mechanic to allow the players to interact cooperatively to resolve the problem or experience the scenario. These analog games apply the pedagogy and have the characteristics of experiential learning,  active learning, and engaged learning.  Immersive scenario gaming has been best (so far)  represented in the field of education by  escape rooms,(aka puzzle hunts), Edu-LARPs, and megagames.   However, other games in the broader immersive field include alternate reality games (ARG), immersive theater and transmedia experiences. (See  Each type represents a different nuanced application of role immersion and simulated milieu.

In an article for the Chronicle Review Mark Carnes of Barnard College concluded of such games of immersion that ... if my role as mentor impeded my students' engagement with the texts, it should be minimized. If students' insecurity hampered their ability to engage fully with otherness, they should assume an alternative identity. If students regarded important texts as vague and abstract, they should examine the texts within the context of the impassioned debates and dramas from which they had emerged.   SEE: Carnes, Mark C. "Being There: the Liminal Classroom." The Chronicle Review. 8 Oct. 2004, Available online here:

Note that not all of the articles and sites on this page pertain specifically to "immersive scenario" games and experiences.  These are resources that give justification for employing interactive experiences in general and engaging games in particular.

Why Active / Immersive Learning?

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This video is not about immersive gaming in education.  It is not even about gaming in education.  But, it speaks to the main concepts that active, immersive gaming addresses.